knife customization

Photo Gallery

Zero Tolerance 0200 with black on yellow G10 "Crater Fade pattern

Credit for pattern goes to Youtube user: "Tuffthumbz"

Left: Emerson Mini Commander with gray G10 "McNally Groove pattern

Right: Emerson CQC-10 with blue G10 "zig-zag pattern"

Emerson CQC-15 with Jade G10

Emerson CQC-8 with olive G10 "radar pattern"

Left: Karambit with G10 "milled checkering"

Right: Spyderco Super Leaf with forest G10 "furrow pattern"

Various Emerson brand knives with custom scales

Grayman Satu

Circut board styling on a Spyderco Paramilitary II(AKA "Parabyte)"

"Snake Skin" Spyderco Manix

"Snake Skin" Spyderco Manix

CRKT "Bear Claw": Olive and forest green G10 and diamond pattern

Spyderco Military. Black g10 handles with gray g10 bolsters

Spyderco Paramilitary. Red G10 scales featuring modified handle shape

Spyderco Superleaf with gray G10 scales featuring Wilkins grip and sun burst textures

Ontario RC-3: Toxic green G10 scales with diagonal lines. Made for USN forums auction

K-Bar Archeron with olive drab/forest green g10 grips

Gray Spyderco Paramilitary with blue g10 insert

Emerson Commander with blue g10

Candy Stripe Spyderco Sage II

Blue Spyderco PPT with blue g10 Anso style pattern

Blue g10 Spyderco Sage II