knife customization


Bison knives is currently a one man operation located in the great state of Texas. Recognizing a market for custom knife scales, Bison Knives offers knife customization at a reasonable price. Whether you are considering a set of custom G10 handle scales or custom machining of titanium, Bison Knives strives for perfection and functional creativity.


Pricing is subject to the particular aspects of each custom job.

G10 Scales can range between $70-$120 for a complete two piece set with Carbon fiber being slightly more expensive.

Prices for titanium milling work are dependant on the desired customization

Other materials are available, feel free to inquire.

Bulk discounts are available.

To order

Submit an email to with your name, or youtube username, address, a description of the desired customizations, and the model of knife that will be customized. Once the custom job is completed a Paypal invoice will be sent detailing cost. Other payments methods such as cash or money order are accepted.


Bison knives and the sole proprietor thereof is not responsible for any injuries incurred due to custom work carried out on a knife or other item, including but not limited to, blade lock failure or mechanical failure of a knife or item customized by Bison knives. Bison Knives and the sole proprietor of bison knives accepts no responsibility for items that are lost while in transit to Bison Knives. Bison knives and the sole proprietor of bison knives suggest that customers insure packages through the courier they choose, for the amount an item is worth if they intend to send them to Bison Knives. It is the policy of Bison Knives to insure each package (at market value) that is sent back to the customer to make sure that if the item is lost or stolen while in transit, it can be replaced or compensated for monetarily. Bison Knives is interested in customer satisfaction. In other words we will work with you should any problem arise.