Marie acquired the love of art from her father. He was born in 1892 in Switzerland and went to Germany, the birthplace of Gutenberg, to learn printing. In 1910, he moved then to France where he worked principally on art books. He spent a lot of time at the Louvre museum comparing his prints to their originals. He brought home printings of Cezanne, Van Gogh, Renoir and other famous artists. Marie thus picked up a good knowledge of their different styles and compositions.

Like many artists, Marie started drawing when she was a little girl. Growing up, she experimented with different mediums including pastels, oil, dyes for silk... but her true love is watercolors.

Marie did not start using watercolors until her thirties. Having sparse furnishings and bare walls after returning from a few years in Europe, Marie decided that her home needed some paintings. She went to the library, picked up a few books about watercolor, stopped at the store to buy some brushes and paint and started her first watercolor painting, a red poppy, the same day!

Marie did not have any formal painting lessons until September 2011 when a friend of her mentioned she was going to a watercolor class twice a month. Marie thought it was about time to learn from a professional in order to perfect her art. What you see on this site, are pieces from both periods - before and after painting lessons.


What Do You Want?

Goodbye Charlie

An Enigmatic Stare



Catch Me

My Dad

Gilberte, 1944

Pensive (Thinking)

Beauty is from God

Merry Christmas

Golden Forest


A Day at the Lake





Winnie the Pooh