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Fashion is

Fashion. Style. Look. I'm the edge, I'm the chic, I'm the taste, I'm larger than life with just a hint of lace. I'm the vanguard, I'm the air, I'm the vogue, I'm the shi-shi, ooh oui-i, I'm the man a la mode. President Reagan. Thatcher. Jazzercise. LLipgloss. Posing at the bar, sitting down, in the distance, with my arm, with my leg, like a swan, for a portrait -- Posing a threat. Hey, yeah. You think you know fashion - Well, fashion's a stranger. You think fashion's your friend - My friend, fashion is danger. Moscow, Berlin, Paris, London, Tokyo, Wellington, Rome, Geneva, New York City...

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- Posted on October 20, 2009
by Bret and J

The next

I can’t hear what you’re saying, Just keep the music playing, It all sounds the same to me. Good God please have mercy. Let’s kick the machine till it’s working. Everybody’s got a great idea. Do you own the one you’re encouraging. There’s a first time for everything, After that it starts to get confusing. Hold onto your identities loosely, At least the revolution will be amusing. We came and we quickly left. We took what we could get. I guess we weren’t impressed. We bored ourselves instead. What’s after what’s next. What’s left to get off your chest, Walking in circles retracing steps. How many ways can we package the concept?

Mundane - it’s all the same. Remind me later, when nothing’s changed. Time will tell, let the future explain; Until then we’ve got history to make. Trend-setters, real go-getters, Closed-minded, free-thinking hipsters - Instant classics, adored by critics; It’s just music for the kids. Of course, you’ve heard this before. What are you trying to figure out? Too much time on your hands To analyze what doesn’t count. What’s wrong with everyday people? They make the best crowd. It was never that important, And the future doesn’t care about your Word of mouth. This is what everybody’s talking about, So you can tell somebody to tell somebody That the next new thing is the same old thing. That what’s happening has already happened again. Familiarity breeds content...

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- Posted on March 10, 2011
by John Reu

“Web 2.0”
peaked in 2007
and has been decreasing in 2008.

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Hey guys, this is clearly not a real, functional website, but it showcases some of my skills. Local Outfitters isn't a real thing. Those lyrics are by FOTC and John Reuben. The images aren't mine. They belong to American Apparel, Apple, and Microsoft, respectively. I didn't invent HTML5 or CSS3 either, but I do use them...

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- Posted on February 19, 2012
by D Goody

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