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I grew up around computers and art. My mom paints for fun, has done typesetting for a living, and now she is an edge animate designer/developer. My dad is a database administrator.

I learned how to read by playing a DOS game called Word Rescue. (Use DOSBox to run it on Mac, Windows, or Linux.)

I quickly became interested in graphics. My mom had installed a GUI for DOS called TOYBOX, and I made icons for all the games. Soon, I was customizing Windows 95, including desktop wallpapers, icons, animated cursors and more. Next I moved on to photo retouching with JASC Paint Shop Pro, and animations and websites with Macromedia Flash. It was very natural for me to transition into the Adobe Creative Suite in school. When I got curious about 3D stuff, Blender (2.5 at the time), being free and open-source, was very attractive, and fortunately, I picked it up very quickly. I messed around with Meteor a little bit, and really liked it. Then, I picked up Parse and Firebase, along with Objective-C for iPhone, Java for Android, and JavaScript for Web. All this to say, I know my way around computers.

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